Grace Found Us: A Christian Collective

  • Students will have the opportunity to learn who Jesus was from a historical and spiritual perspective. They will learn what it means to be a Christian from true believers (not what the television or media say He is). It will give those seeking knowledge about Jesus a true and honest place to find out who He was and what it means to be a Christ-follower. Former FCA members can come join us!

    This image shows the scheduled meeting dates for the club.

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Meeting Information

  • First Interest Meeting: 9/22/2023

    Meeting Day: Fridays;

    Meeting Frequency: 2nd and 4th mornings

    Time of Meetings: In-Person before school 8:20 am (students will need morning passes)

    How will you be meeting? In-Person

    If in-person, what room will your meetings be held in? Library

    Who can attend the interest meeting for this club? All Raiders;

    Does this club have a competitive component that requires a tryout? No;

    Is there a Schoology course? J6HM-3XFP-MB4XP