Degrees and Certifications:

Administration of Justice, BS Public Administration, M.P.A. Social Studies 4-8

Ron Clark

My professional career includes experience working in the insurance industry: quality assurance/management/ bailbond surety.  I have over 14 years experience operating a successful B2B C-store distributorship which operated in numerous states throughout the southern United States.  I sold my business in 2020.  After that, I was a substitute teacher at a hodge-podge of schools in a few districts with the intent of harmoniously collaborating with an administrative team and staff that would appreciate and benefit from my skill set.  That journey culminated with my accepting this role at Ferndell Learning Center! 

Born in Saint Louis, Missouri and reared on its north side, I cut my teeth in a rough and tumble neighborhood ripe with the ills of most ghettos.  Juxtaposing the difficulties and trials of a troubled neighborhood were schools that nurtured me, instilled truths, a sense of family, and community.  These schools and the stern yet caring teachers provided hope and presented a path to success.

I will likewise nurture my students by introducing each one to essential soft skills, good decision-making skills and a plethora of different social skills.  These ideas and skills, once embraced and implemented, will pay off exponentially over many years by bringing ease to the students' lives.