Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Vanessa A. Salinas

Throughout my 10-year journey in education, I have had the privilege of experiencing diverse roles and making a positive impact on students' lives. I began as a 7th-grade science teacher, dedicating eight years to nurturing young minds and fostering a love for science.

Beyond the classroom, I have also volunteered to teach English in Indonesia, Thailand, and Morocco, gaining valuable insights and contributing to education in different cultural settings.

Currently, as a dedicated Special Education Resource Teacher and Case Manager, my primary commitment is to create an inclusive learning environment that empowers every student to reach their fullest potential. With an unwavering passion for teaching, I take immense pride in inspiring and supporting my students on their educational journey.

Together with the incredible community of educators, parents, and students at our school, we work collaboratively to shape a brighter future for all. Fostering a supportive atmosphere that encourages academic excellence and personal growth, we ensure that every student's learning experience is meaningful and rewarding.