• Learning to exercise control over one’s self is transforming energy. The force that transforms the person from being a boy to becoming a man is KNOWLEDGE! It is critical that the boy be guided in the use of his yet immature reasoning so that it doesn’t get entrapped in the form of “eternal boyishness.” Good teachers, fathers, brothers, uncles and mentors are extremely important. They are the instruments of guidance, which help boys move toward manhood. So many of our young men get arrested in the boyhood stage of their developmental because they are improperly guided and end up being led away to prison or carried away to the cemetery. Consciousness is a natural possibility or potential, but is must be tended and guided in order for it to develop properly. The GENTS Club aids young boys in the process of becoming responsible, respectable and productive members of society.


    Data is collected (suspension reports, attendance reports, and grades) to aid in the decision-making process.


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