• Millions of girls worldwide are denied their rights.
    This is unacceptable. 

    We believe that local organizations are best positioned to serve girls in their communities, yet they are significantly under-resourced. That’s why we exist: 

    She’s the First teams up with women-led, grassroots organizations to make sure girls globally are educatedrespected, and heard.

    She’s the First is a non-profit organization that focuses on allowing women to receive education and have their voices heard, enabling them to decide their own futures. This organization empowers young girls to obtain respect and accomplish as much as their male counterparts.

    She's the First Website

  • Purpose/Goals

    • Advocacy for women’s rights
    • Equal education for all women
    • Strengthening girls’ ecosystems
    • Creating an overall influence and gaining respect and equality (specifically in regards to education) for women of all ages
    • Fighting for women's menstrual rights (have schools provide menstrual products in bathrooms for example)
    • Fundraising for the She’s The First campaign
  • Club Rules:

    1. Meetings every other week: 1 missed meeting = 1 strike, more than 3 strikes per semester disqualifies you as a member. Members are able to excuse their absence in the case of an appointment, emergency, etc.
    2. Officer positions the need to be filled: communications chair, secretary, and historian
    3. For this first year everyone is open to apply for an officer position.
    4. Behavior of all members must positively represent STF as an organization. Bullying, disciplinary action, or cheating in any form will all result in loss of membership.
    5. Show up to meetings, participate in discussions and volunteer opportunities, and most importantly advocate for women’s well-being/equality.
    6. Pitching ideas for club activities and volunteer opportunities are always encouraged!