Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Doris MacLeay

This is my second year at Hodges Bend Middle School. I grew up in Corpus Christi and graduated with a Music Degree from University of Akron. I have been a educator since 2006 in both public and private schools. Currently I am assistant Principal Cellist of the Houston Civic Symphony, where I have been a member since 2004 and I have also served on their Board of Directors. 

  •  Monday/Thursday/Friday

    Period 1: Sinfonia (8:55-9:50am)
    Period 2: Philharmonic Orchestra(9:55-10:45am)
    Period 3: Conference(10:50-11:40am)
    Period 4: Beginner Violin (12:20-1:10pm)
    Period 5: Beginner Viola(1:15-2:05pm)
    Period 6: Beginner Bass/Violin (2:10-3:15pm)
    Warrior Time/Advisory: (3:00-3:15pm)
    Period 7: Beginner Cello (3:20-4:10pm)


    Period 1: Sinfonia(8:55-10:30am)
    Period 2: Philharmonic (10:35-12:10pm)
    Period 3: Conference (12:50-2:20pm)
    Period 4: Beginner Violin (2:25-4:10pm)


    Period 5: Beginner Viola (8:55-10:30am)
    Period 6: Beginner Bass/Violin (10:35-12:10pm)
    Period 7: Beginner Cello (12:50-2:20pm)
    Period 8: Warrior Time/Advisory (2:25-4:10pm)