Teacher Information

Phone: (281) 329-2031 Ext. 92031


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Petroleum Engineering University of Houston

Mr. Aziz Rajan

Hobbies: Video games, listening to music, lots more Netflix since COVID started, riding bikes, exploring nature, traveling

Work Experience:

◦ 4 Years of work in the private sector working for Oil and Gas and Software Development

◦ Tutoring in mathematics since high school and through higher education.

Mr. Rajan’s Class Mission Statement

◦ The primary goal of these mathematics classes is to prepare its students for their curriculum and workloads by developing mathematics reasoning and number sense. I ultimately want students leaving this course prepared for mathematics beyond Bush HS while also leaving the class knowing what type of math rigor is required of them when it comes to their long-term goals.

◦ I hope to encourage all my students to develop a deeper understanding that, in the long run, aides them in becoming part of an informed populous. Meaning that when we talk about numbers that may be difficult to visualize such as: budgets, statistical data, measurements, taxes; the students are able to make reasonable conclusions about numbers that are presented to them.

◦ Inevitably, I want these students to utilize math. I want to instill an understanding that is beyond this class. Math is important and a pillar in any profession, I know that mathematics developed my career beyond being a math teacher and is ubiquitous across many walks of life. 

Teacher Schedule

  • Period 1: MMA
    Period 2: MMA
    Period 3: College Prep 
    Period 4: College Prep
    Period 5: Conference
    Period 6: MMA
    Period 7: MMA

Teacher Tutorial Schedule

  • Please contact me via Email/Schoology to schedule tutorials!