Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Architecture Teacher Certification in: EC-6 with STR SPED Bilingual- in progress

Mrs. Diana Saenz


My name is Diana Saenz, I'm the Early Childhood Special Education Teacher for 3 years old here at Madden. 

Something about me, I have two boys and a little girl: Santiago, Sebastian, and Iliana,  I also have a dog named Leah. They are the joy of my life. :)  

My favorite things are family, the color pink, coffee, food, and any relaxation activity. 

My goal as a teacher and case manager is to help master skills that will help students grow and glow in their unique ways. 

  • SAENZ-ECSE- 3 years old

    Morning (AM)

    8:10-8:25            Arrival Activity

    8:25-8:45            Morning Greeting/ Circle time   

    8:45-9:20            Centers

    9:20-9:25            Wash Hands

    9:25-9:35            Snack

    9:35-9:55            Recess/ Gross Motor Development

    9:55-10:10          Word Play/ Name Study

    10:10-10:30       Story Time/ Shared Reading/ Read Aloud 

    10:30-11:00       Centers (ST Tuesdays)

    11:00-11:15       Bathroom/ Pack and get ready for Lunch

    11:15-11:40       Lunch

    11:40                   Dismissal

    Afternoon (PM)

    11:55                   Arrival

    12:00-12:25       Lunch   

    12:25-12:30       Wash Hands

    12:30-12:40       Arrival Activity

    12:40-1:00          Greeting/Circle Time

    1:00-1:30            Centers (ST Mondays)

    1:30-1:50            Story time/ Shared Reading/ Read Aloud

    1:50-2:00            Word Play/ Name Study

    2:00-2:20            Recess/Music development

    2:20-2:55            Centers

    2:55-3:05            Bathroom Break

    3:05-3:15            Snack

    3:15-3:20            Pack up and Clean up

    3:20- 3:25           Dismissal