Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Misty Hart

Hello all,

Welcome to the visual arts some of you this will be the third year in a row with me for my Art 3 classes . Hello to all my 6th grade Art 1s moving into Garcia MS.

So about me, my mother was a private art teacher the whole time I was growing up, so art class in school and 12 hours of art classes after school every week. So drawing, painting ,sculpture and almost anything art and crafty comes naturally to me. I have a BFA in painting and art history from University of Houston.

As Pablo Picasso said  “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” My Art 1 classes. You will be taking a deep dive into the Elements of Art. These are our basic building blocks for creating better artwork. Art 3s now that you know the elements and principals of Art and design its time to focus on your own style.


Misty Hart 



  •  Mon/ Thur / Friday               Schoology Course #

     1st(Art 3)  8:55-9:50              T4ZR-5Q5S-BF7DH 

    2nd(Art 3) 9:55-10:45             722R-VF6V-ZW8TV 

    Conference  10:50-11:45      LUNCH  11:50-12:20

    4th(Art 1)    12:25-1:20          HMM9-9TFC-8CBQ7

    5th(Art1)     1:25-2:20             X49P-PBM8-29TC6 

    6th(Art 1)     2:25-3:15           6XSP-8PB8-MD86Z 

    7th(Art 1)     3:20-4:10            FX4S-2V5B-K6SWD 

  • Tuttorials 

    Tuesday Morning 8:20-8:50am 

    Wednesday Afternoon 4:15-4:45pm 

    I am available on other mornings and afternoons upon request.

    Fridays I have duty so no tuttorials