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  • Follow the paw prints to go through our virtual Jag Camp!!

    We hope that you have so much fun learning everything about SMS and being a JAG! 



    Welcome to SMS:


    Meet the SMS Admin team - click here!  

    Ms. Oglesby - SMS Principal

    Mr. Wells - 6th Grade Assistant Principal

    Ms. Border - 7th Grade Assistant Principal

    Dr. Johnson - 8th Grade Associate Principal 

    SMS ADMIN Team website - click here!


    Student Center news & Info:

    Meet the SMS Counselors - click here!

    If you cannot access Schoology at this time, please come back next week to access your group

    Ms. Friedel - 6th Grade

    Ms. Goodly - 7th Grade

    Ms. McCune - Lead/8th Grade

    SMS Counseling Team website - click here!  

    Students - Click here to complete your flip grid!

    If your log-in/password is not working at this time, please come back next week to complete your flip grid! 

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    Student Info and Tips:

    Virtual Tour of SMS - click here!  

    Attendance Information - click here!

    Clinic Information - click here!

    Clubs & Organzations - click here then select the clubs & orgs tab


    JAG CAMP Scavenger Hunt


    Click here to complete the 

    Virtual Orientation Scavenger Hunt!

    The top 3 winners will be contacted

    via email and will receive some pretty cool

    JAG SWAG for correct answers! 


    ***PARENTS ONLY***

    SMS Parents Guide to Success - click here!

    Counselor meet and greet via Teams Tuesday, Aug 4th  (9-9:45am)- click here! 

    Counselor meet and greet via Teams Tuesday, Aug 4th (3:30-4pm)- click here!

    Parent University Survey  - click here!  

    Parent FAQ Survey  - click here!

    (We will answer any questions submitted - not COVID-19 RELATED - and post an FAQ) 

    For all COVID-19 realted questions please view our district FAQ link here!



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    Thank you all for attending this year's virtual Jag Camp!! We are so excited to "see" you on August 17th! 

    Sartartia Strong

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