Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Javier Valdez

Hello Cougars! 

My name is Javier Valdez,

I am a second year high school teacher and a fith year coach. I am a Cypress Lakes High School graduate (class of 2011). So I have been a native houstonian my whole life. God allowed allowed me to experience a lot valuable life lessons and success as a student athlete in high school, which allowed me to further my education and my baseball career at the Division I level at Texas Southern University. During my time there I received my undergaduate degree in Health Studies and went on to receive my Masters Degree in Human Performance, where I quickly began my coaching journey with baseball and football athletes. These key events and experiences were pivotal in discovering my passion for teaching and molding young minds, which is why I place a premium on the opportunity to develop our students mentally, physcally, or even spiritually. Thank you Kempner High School and GO COOGS! 

  • Hello Cougars! 

    My virtual school schedule will follow accordingly: 

    Monday and Thursday                                         

    Period 1- 9:00a.m.-10:00a.m.                       

    Period 2- 10:15a.m.-11:15a.m.                    

    Period 3- 11:30a.m.- 12:30p.m.                   

    Lunch- 12:30p.m. - 1:00p.m.                       

    Period 4- 1:30p.m.- 2:30p.m. 

    Tuesday and Friday 

    Period 5- 9:00a.m.-10:00a.m.

    Period 6- 10:15a.m.- 11:15a.m. 

    Period-7- 11:30a.m.- 12:30p.m. 



    Period 1- 9:00a.m.- 9:35a.m.                       

    Period 2- 9:45a.m.- 10:20a.m.

    Period 3- 10:30a.m.- 11:05a.m. 

    Period4- 11:15a.m.- 11:50a.m. 

    Period 5- 12:00p.m.- 12:35p.m.

    Lunch- 12:35p.m.- 1:05p.m. 

    Period 6- 1:30p.m.- 2:05p.m. 

    Period 7- 2:15p.m.- 2:50p.m. 

    Teacher PLC Monday-Friday

    2:30p.m. -4:00p.m. 


  • My hours for tutorials are from 2:30P.M.-3:30P.M. on Thursdays.