Mr. Nathan Ward

Phone: 281.634. 2450


Degrees and Certifications:

Science (4-8) Life Science (7-12) Special Education (EC-12)

Mr. Nathan Ward



Name: Nathan Ward



• University of Mississippi (2013) Bachelors of Science in Applied Science

• Mississippi College (2015) Masters of Education In Secondary Teaching

• Arkansas State University (2017) Educational Specialists in Educational Leadership and Administration








    Schoology is utilized in my classroom for turning in assignments, communication with students, reminders, quizzes and more. Due to this cell phones are allowed in class for educational purposes. Students are expected to have the Schoology app downloaded on their device in order to have it in my classroom.

    Students can login by going to and using their Office 365 student email address and computer access password. 

    Expectations in Class

    • Cell Phones are put on the purple X on the right hand corner of the desk, FACEDOWN.
    • Students will only retrieve devices when Mr. Ward tells them to access them for an educational purpose.
    • If a student cannot exhibit self-restraint in being on their phone, then their device will be placed in the cell phone sitter bin until the end of class.

     Permitted Celluar Usage

    • Schoology
    • Music - only when Mr. Ward has stated that music can be listened to and with only ONE earbud in.
    • Timers

    No Go Websites/Apps

    • Snapchat
    • Instagram
    • Facetime 
    • Any other non-educational distraction :)

    • Period 1:  Biology
      Period 2: Conference
      Period 3: Biology
      Period 4: Biology
      Period 5: Biology
      Period 6: Common Planning
      Period 7: Biology


      • Tutorial 1: Monday 3:00-4:00
        Tutorial 2: Tuesday 3:00-4:00