Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Connie Hall

     I am truly blessed to work as an Instructional Coach at Palmer Elementary. This is my 22nd year at Palmer and 4th year in this position. I have taught every grade level and all subject areas during my teaching adventure. What an honor it is to continue to collaborate with outstanding teachers and administrates as we seek to bring out the best in each other, expanding our horizon of knowledge.

      “Together we stand, divided we fall”. I can think of no truer sentiment about the educational field today. We know strengthening this noble profession is not for the faint hearted, lazy, or shy.  Ours can be a lonely profession, unless you discover the true art and heart of education, which is collaboration as we continue learning, sharing and growing. As coaches, our mission is to build capacity in teachers, thus improving student success.

      I have a wonderful and supportive husband who still thinks I'm funny after 41 years. I have two grown sons, one darling daughter-in-law, and a precious granddaughter. I live way out in the country and have a variety of animals; silly dogs, noisy cats, and a small flock of chickens. Needless to say, living in a rural area near Brazos Bend State Park allows us a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature. We love our country home where deer roam free and owls hoot softly late at night. Now if I could only get rid of those pesky armadillos!