• Mission Statement

    QVMS exists to provide learning experiences that will:

    • Grow students academically, and
    • Develop students as servant leaders.


    Vision Statement

    QVMS stakeholders are committed to challenging all learners academically and developing within them the attributes of the Profile of a Graduate.



    QVMS Core Values


    Be Proud  

    We believe in ourselves and our ability to reach our goals and achieve our dreams. We will take pride in our appearance and ownership of our behaviors. We will represent our school, district, friends, and family in a positive light.


    Be Respectful  

    We will appreciate and acknowledge our differences and similarities. We will treat others and their property with kindness and ask for kindness in return. We will work together to better ourselves and each other so that nothing can stand in our way.


    Be Responsible   

    We will hold ourselves and each other accountable for exemplary work habits, behaviors, and attitudes. We will own our problems--if we create a problem, we must fix it.


    Be Safe  

    We will keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves. We will give appropriate personal space to each other, and we will meet all expectations for hallway and common area interactions. We will work to make QVMS a safe place for all.


    Be a Leader  

    We believe that there is a leader in everyone, and we will work to identify our leadership abilities. We will seek out leadership roles that will enhance our skills and will challenge us to become strong future leaders.