Transportation Information

  • Arrival and Dismissal 
    We appreciate your help in keeping students safe by remaining in the car line upon arrival and dismissal from school. Please do not park in the back parking lot and tell your child to walk to you.  Parents in cars need to wait in the car pick up line.  Please make sure to pay attention to traffic signs that have been placed near the school.

    Bus Riders
    Please refer to the schedule located on the FBISD Bus Locator link  Bus Locator.

    Bike Riders and Walkers
    Parents need to give safety instructions to their children if they walk or ride their bike to school.  If you plan for your children to walk or ride a bike to school, please walk or ride their route with them several times before you permit them to be unsupervised.  It is most important that students walk on the sidewalks and cross the streets using the crosswalks.  When arriving at school, children need to start walking their bikes when they leave the street sidewalk and continue walking them to the bike racks.  All bikes need to be locked securely when parked at school.  It is recommended that parents properly register your child’s bike with the police department in case the bike is stolen.  Do not leave bikes overnight!  When leaving school, bike riders need to push bikes to the end of the school grounds (where street sidewalk begins).

    Rainy Day Dismissal
    Dismissal procedures change on rainy days for those students who walk or ride their bikes.  Rainy Day Dismissal will be announced at 3:15 p.m.  Each student will have an Emergency Dismissal card on file in the front office.  Listed will be those people that the parent has permitted the child to go home with in the case of extreme weather at dismissal time.  Please be aware that during Rainy Day Dismissals, the car lines will be longer.  We ask for your patience as we get all the students on their way home.  Walkers will be held at school in dangerous weather.  Our main concern, ALWAYS, is the safety of your child.  If you would like to be notified, please sign up for the Remind app for parents. or text @lcepare to the number 81010