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    Methodist and UnitedHealthcare Update

    Please visit for the latest information regarding the Methodist and United Healthcare negotiations and your benefits, including how we are prepared to support employees during the holiday break.

    Welcome to Your Benefits Website

    Welcome to the Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) Employee Benefits Website!

    We realize the success of FBISD depends on the commitment, dedication and well-being of our greatest asset – our employees. We are constantly striving to keep benefits affordable without compromising the quality of the services we offer our employees and their dependents.

    FBISD is proud to offer you and your family a comprehensive benefits program that gives you access to the best healthcare available and protection against unforeseen events.

    You will find detailed information about our current employee benefits program and all of the necessary certificates of coverage, summary plan descriptions, claim forms, customer service numbers, frequently asked questions, and direct links to your on-line provider network directories.

Contact Us

Benefits Department Help Desk
Perlita Tristan, Payroll and Benefits Clerk
Phone:  (281) 634-1418 (Benefits) or (281) 634-1221 (Payroll)
Fax:  (281) 327-1221
Sonja Curtis
Director, Payroll and Benefits
Phone:  (281) 634-1219
Fax:  (281) 327-1219
LaShonda Walls
Assistant Director Benefits
Phone:  (281) 634-1184 or (281) 896-9348
Fax:  (281) 327-2544
Cindy Mucka
Benefits Coordinator (A-C)
Phone:  (281) 619-0221 or (281) 634-2810
Fax:  (281) 327-2810
Alton Nash
Benefits Coordinator (D-G)
Phone:  (281) 509-2237 or (281) 327-0357
Fax:  (281) 327-0392
Gail Barnes-Maxwell
Benefits Coordinator (H-L)
Phone:  (281) 619-3120 or (281) 634-1214
Fax:  281-327-1214
Janet Singleton
Benefits Coordinator (M-P)
Phone:  (281) 619-3129 or (281) 634-1208
Fax:  (281) 327-1208
Cassandra White
Benefits Coordinator (Q-S)
Phone:  (281) 886-6410 or (281) 634-3958
Fax:  (281) 327-4216
Rachel Robinson
Benefits Coordinator (T-Z)
Phone:  (281) 901-2659 or (281) 327-7511
Fax:  (281) 327-7508
Kimberly Brown
Benefits Analyst
Phone:  (281) 634-1241
Fax:  (281) 327-1241