• Find out more about what Genius Hour is. 


    What is it? Passion Based learning

                  3 essential questions to Genius Hour

                            How is your genius going to make you a better person?

                            How is your genius going to help others?

                            How is your genius going to change the world?


    When- Every Friday from 8:15 a.m.- 9:15 a.m.


    Where-the entire school is available for students to use


    The "P's" of Genius Hour

                      Passion, Purpose, Process, Problem solving, Partnership, Presence!


    How you can help?

    • Ask your child what their genius is and how are they working on it.
    • Volunteer to spend three weeks in a row with a group of students.
    • Donate Supplies/Materials


    Please be sure that your student brings in all of the supplies needed for Genius Hour activities when they come to school on Genius Hour days. Deliveries will not be made from the Front Office until after 9:15 am.