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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Administration Finance Certifications: Generalist Gr.4-8 Special Education K-12

Mr. Dickey

The profile of a graduate resignates with me from my personal upbringing. I truly believe teaching is a calling. I have been a teacher for 21 years. I am presently a 6th grade Basic Math and Coteacher. I'm also an athletics coach and truly fond of being involved with helping young athletes idenifying their passion for the love of sports.  My teaching approach has always been student-centered. I have tried my best not to teach students math, but how they can best learn math. All students are different. Missouri City Middle School is a diverse campus that has the distinction as an increasingly academic performance campus. Continuing with that platform, I intend to exalt all students learning, offer personal growth and guidance, and ensurances of confidence that they will carry on into young adulthood.  I am a first generation graduate from the Unversity of Houston. My goal is to inspire and encourage students, athletes and colleagues to focus on there "VISION" of themselves.  Life presents us all, children and adults, with circumstances and choices. Circumstances are creations of situations which we face every minute of the day. The choices that encompass those situations will be the foundation of ones character. Good Character instills Good Decisions!  

  • Per 1: 6th Gr Math/Co-Teach(Reese)
    Per 2: 6th Gr Basic Math
    Per 3: Conference
    Per 4: 6th Gr Basic Math
    Per 5: 6th Gr Math/Co-Teach(Harris)
    Per 6: 6th Gr Math/Co-Teach(Harris)
    Per 7: 6th G Math/Co-Teach(Reese)