Art club is for kids who love art and want to work on extra art projects throughout the year. It provides a creative outlet for those students who are not enrolled in an art class. It’s a place where students can get assistance and feedback on their art work. They can show and grow their skills, and be around other artists. Please fill out an application (see room 900 or 901) we have Art club limited to 25 student spots.


    What will you do in art club?

    The art club will be working on different assigned projects during the year which will include things like:

    • Posters, banners and signs for school-wide events
    • Projects to beautify the school with art
    • Community service projects
    • Art Club students are able to bring their own ideas and work on projects they want to create during art club hours under Ms. Hart's / Mr. Battenfield’s guidance.


    When will art club meet?

    The art club will meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday's after school from 4:15-5:15 pm in room 900.(twice a month)


    How much will it cost to join art club?

    All clubs at school are extracurricular and not required. The fee for the art club is $25.00 per student.  This fee includes a t-shirt and covers the cost of materials for the year and will be collected at our first meeting.