Student Council

  •  Blue Ridge Elementary Student Council consists of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students this year. Each grade level has at least 4 representatives chosen by their peers. 

    The purposes of Student Council shall be to:

    • Strive for good citizenship
    • Strive for academic excellence
    • Respect our peers, school, and community
    • Involve all students in sharing ideas for improvement
    • Promote student collaboration
    • Introduce students to democracy in action
    • Volunteer in our community
    • Promote student leadership
    • Promote communication throughout BRE
    • Build our Eagle pride
    • Provide a safe place for student expression and 
    • address the general needs of the student body of BRE
    The Blue Ridge Elementary StuCo develops leadership qualities among BRE students by providing service to the school and community. StuCo allows students to exhibit the qualities of FBISD's profile of a graduate, while planning and organizing activities and projects which educate, inform, and serve BRE students, faculty, and staff. StuCo also promotes school spirit and collaboration within the BRE community.