• Korean Culture Club
    Purpose: By creating the Korean Culture Club, we plan to spread diversity to bring students closer together to learn more about South Korea. We want to share the interesting aspects of the Korean culture that students may not have known to help them gain a better understanding. We wish to create a club that would educate and have fun doing so.
    Interest Meeting: Aug. 28 before and after school in room D-201. 
    Meeting Information:   
    Date: 2nd/4th Thursdays
    Time: 3:00-3:40 PM 
    Rm. #: D-201 (C-117 alternate)
  • Club Sponsor: Samuel D. Huntington (samuel.huntington@fortbendisd.com or stop by C-117); Co-Sponsor: Drew Poche (drew.poche@fortbendisd.com)
    2018-2019 Officers: 
    Hanzheng Li, Co-President
    Ryan Chu, Co-President
    Jenny Kim, Vice President
    Alec Chan, Secretary
    Maverick Tran, Historian
    Club Contact (best option): dulleskcc@gmail.com
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