• 7th Grade ELA is a challenging course designed to prepare students for the 8th grade and their high school journies.


    This class is the only double-tested subject in middle school meaning that students will take the Reading STAAR test as well as the Writing STAAR test. We will work hard all year to prepare for both tests. 


    Please check the calendar for upcoming due dates for projects/major grades. 


    **Please note that daily grades usually do not make it to the calendar since they are discussed and are posted in the classroom. There is a reminder area in the classroom that students can view daily.

  • Students will take a weekly AOW (Article of the Week Quiz). 

    This grade is made up of the following two parts


    1.  Annotating the article - 50%

    • Students will receive the article every Monday (or first day of the week if we do not go to school that Monday)
    • Their homework is to annotate the article and complete it by Friday/Quiz day

    2. Quiz - 50%

    • Students will take a quiz on Friday (or the last day of the week if we do not go to school that Friday)
    • They are allowed to use their article on the quiz.

    These two parts together make up their AOW Quiz grade. If an article is not fully annotated, points will be deducted. If a student does not have their article, they can bring it to school the following week to get points added back to their quiz. 

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