National, State and Local Student Art Competitions

  • Art competitions allow artists to display their work among their peers. To be recognized by peers or experts builds confidence in young artists. Experts in the art world agree that showing work is one of the best ways to challenge yourself as an artist, as any feedback you receive gives you new insight into your art.

    Art competitions provide a highly effective forum that enables “undiscovered” and developing artists to expose their artwork and artistic talents to the greater art community. By participating in an art competition, you can find and reach an audience for your work. This will assist you as you begin to market your art later in life on a professional level.

    FBISD exposes art students on each level of study to many national, state and local art competitions, which increases the recognition of the talents of our amazing art students. The following is a partial list of the awards and recognitions of our visual arts students.
    2015 Fort Bend County Fair - Art Auction Winners
    BEST OF CLASS Ex. 13004 - Stacy Tao, Grade 12; Painting -Titled "Jonathan the Sioux" Clements HS -Teacher: Donna Reedy
    Ex. 13144 - Linda Li, Grade 12; Painting -Titled "Campbell" Clements HS -Teacher: Donna Reedy

    Secondary Art Awards

    2014 State Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) Winners

    FBISD's High School art students were well-represented at State VASE in April:
    High School State Medals Gold Seals Visual Arts Teacher
    Bush 4 2 Matthew Selby
    Clements 17 3 Donna Reedy
    Dulles 3 Amanda Freeman
    Elkins 2 Lewis Bennett
    Hightower 2 Beth Agar
    Travis Tracy Gremillion
    Ridge Point Lysa Huckaby
    Gold Seal pieces become part of a traveling art show, displayed at different venues across the state of Texas for one year and represents the "Best of the Best" high school art in Texas.
    Congratulations to all of the outstanding winners and their art teachers. We are very proud of the exemplary achievements that our FBISD art students have accomplished.

    Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Recognitions

    FBISD's Clements High School Student Stacy Tao Won 2013 Houston Rodeo Quick Draw Art Award

    The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLS&R) hosted the "Quick Draw" contest at Reliant Center. More than 800 students from the greater Houston area sent in applications to participate. After review, the School Arts Committee at Reliant Center invited 52 High School students and 26 Junior High students to participate as finalists in the contest. Clements High school students Stacy Tao was selected as the finalist.

    Each contestant was given 50 minutes to sketch on an 11" x 14" sheet of paper. High school students were to draw a model in portrait (full head) or full figure (head to toe with all clothing defined), using a pencil or charcoal. Stacy Tao, a 10th grade student at Clements HS, won Full Figure Reserve Class Champion and a prize of $500. Stacy Tao is a student of art teacher Donna Reedy.

    Stacey with Quick Draw Awards Committee
    Above is Stacy Tao, Full Figure Reserve Class Champion winner with Rodeo Quick Draw art committee board members.

    Stacey with Model
    Stacy Tao and the model she drew.
    Stacey's Winning Drawing
    Stacy Tao’s full figure drawing at Rodeo Quick Draw contest.

    Kempner High Wins 3-D Rodeo Art

    Kempner High School art students, Shelby Bishop and Iqura Malik celebrated as two students were named 3D Rodeo art winners. Their teacher is Sara McKee.

    Shelby Bishop's Lizard  
    Shelby Bishop won a Gold Medal, Premium ($2,000) and The Western Art Academy Workshop Scholarship for her Lizard (shown above).
    Iqura Malik won Best in Show and Premium ($2,000) for his Cowboy Riding  a Sheep (shown below).

    Igra Malik Cowboy on Sheep


    2013 State VASE Winners

    School Teacher Scholarships State Medals Gold Seal
    Bush HS Rusty Forehand 1 1 (3D)
    Clements HS Donna Reedy 1 18 6
    Dulles HS Amanda Freeman 5
    Elkins HS Lewis Bennett 1 2
    Hightower HS Beth Agar 1 1
    Kempner HS Rhonda Peterson 1
    Ridge Point HS Rebecca Root 1

    2013 Culture Shapers Scholarship Winners

    School Award Student Teacher
    Clements HS 2nd Place: $2,500 Kim Nguyen: Drawing Donna Reedy
    Clements HS 4th Place: $1,000 Tejas Kumar: Electronic Media Donna Reedy
    Dulles HS 4th Place: $1,000 Michelle Huang: Painting Amanda Freeman
    Kempner HS 3rd Place: $1,500 Natalie Olmo: Sculpture Sara McKee
    Ridge Point HS 4th Place: $1,000 Camila Albo: Photography Rebecca Root
    Travis HS 8th Place: $250 Amanda Wilkinson: Photography Tracy Gremillion


    2013 State Visual Art Scholastic Event Winners

    High School Teacher Regional Medals Area Medals
    Bush Matt Selby 7 1
    Bush Rusty Forehand 7 1
    Clements Donna Reedy 135 29
    Dulles Amanda Freeman 43 5
    Elkins Lewis Bennett 25 2
    Hightower Beth Agar 12 1
    Kempner Rhonda Peterson 6 2
    Kempner Sara McKee 5
    Ridge Point Rebecca Root 13 2
    Ridge Point Lysa Huckaby 22
    Travis Tracy Gremillion 22 2