About Partnerships

  • Fort Bend ISD exists to inspire and equip all students to pursue futures beyond what they can imagine. It is our responsibility to foster the necessary relationships with local businesses to support the continued economic growth and development of our community. Fort Bend ISD is pleased to announce that plans are underway for the construction of our new Career and Technical Education Center. We invite you to join us as a Business Partner in this endeavor.

    The new center will be a district-wide facility located on the corner of Chatham and University Blvd. in the Telfair subdivision with the capacity to serve nearly 2,000 students annually. Students will gain valuable knowledge in a vast array of programs including Health Science, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Law and Public Service, Education and Training, Engineering, Hospitality and Tourism, Robotics and Transportation, and many more. As we move forward, FBISD is looking to develop partnerships that will be mutually beneficial to all stakeholders.



    What can we offer you?

    Student Interns - students can support your business development by providing invaluable service in the areas of research, project implementation, customer outreach, marketing development, and much more

    Teacher Externs - teachers can take real-world knowledge pertinent to your specific business and industry back into the classroom after job-shadowing with your company

    Knowledgeable Workforce - the business expertise that you and your employees have is something that will never be matched by a textbook, video, or classroom teacher; drive the direction of our curriculum and reach future employees by participating in classroom discussions, industry panels, and advisory committees

    Branding Possibilities - ensure that the community recognizes and understands your commitment to education through brand recognition opportunities on our website, in print materials, and at the new Career and Technical Center

    Training Space - as the Career and Technical Center approach completion, consider partnering with us to secure training facilities for your current and future workforce
    Contact Sharyn Hyatt at sharyn.hyatt@fortbendisd.com for more information about how to partner with us.



Kenneth Kaser
Business Partner Liaison

Career Conversations