• Teachers and Schools

    1.Grants to Teachers


    The purpose of Grants to Teachers is to enhance, promote and augment classroom instruction in areas not allotted in regular budgetary funds or not eligible for reimbursement from other sources.

        Amount of Award

    • $100 to $1500 dollars

        Funding Periods

    One funding period will occur in the fall semester.

    • Complete an application form
    • Provide all requested information
    • Demonstrate specific need(s)
    • Present a creative and/or innovative approach
    • Impacts the students and enhances the quality of education

    2. School Site Grants


    The purpose of School Site Grants is to allow staff on each campus to identify and address needs, challenges and concerns unique to the campus. The identified area(s) would reflect the school’s mission, statement or philosophy, or campus improvement plan. 

        Amount of Award

    • $2,000 per elementary campus maximum; must benefit the entire campus
    • $3,000 per secondary campus maximum; must benefit the entire grade level, curriculum area, faculty or campus
    • There is no limit to the number of site grants that may be submitted, however, a maximum of 3 per campus with be awarded.

        Funding Period

    One funding period will occur in the fall semester.


    Programs must be related to goals cited in campus/district plan of action.
    Programs should have potential for duplication on other campuses.


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