• Our Services

    Mission: The Information Technology Division exists to provide our customers with technology solutions and services that are innovative, dependable, scalable, and sustainable.
    Vision: The Information Technology Division will be recognized as innovative K-12 technology leaders by providing effective use of existing and emerging technology to enable the continuous improvement of teaching and learning.
    Information Technology Organization Chart - The Information Technology Division is under the leadership of Long Pham, Chief Information Officer, and is comprised of three departments including Information Technology Services, Business Information Systems, and Student Information Systems.  

  • Information Technology Services


    Network Services

    • Network Services
    • Wireless LAN Services
    • VoIP Phone Services
    • Network Engineering
    • Network LAN/WAN Services
    • Network LAN/WAN Support
    • Structure Cabling
    • Network Security
    • Remote Network Access (VPN)

    Data Center and Server Management

    • Data Center
    • Storage/SAN (Storage Area Network)
    • Servers
    • Cloud Services
    • System Backups
    • Active Directory
    • Email, Server/email Security, User Management

    Desktop Support

    • Desktop Support
    • Mobile Devices
    • Printers
    • Projectors
    • Smartboard/Elmo
    • Desktop audio/video
    • Lab Management
    • Broadcast Studio Audio/Visual
    • Enterprise Video, Webcasting, Video CMS
    • Elementary Support/High School Support

    Desktop Technology

    • Desktop Tools
    • Asset Management
    • Print Services
    • Active Directory Policy Management
    • Desktop Security
    • Desktop Hardware Standards
    • Software Life Cycle Management
    • Desktop Application Packaging, Deployment and Compliance
    • Desktop Risk Management
    • Patch Management
    • Central Region Campus and Administrative Site Support

    Customer Service Center

    • Remote Desktop Support
    • Remote Mobile Device Support
    • Remote Printer Support
    • Enterprise Application Support
    • Password Management
    • First Level Network/Telephone Support
    • First Level Application Support
    • Acount Management Services
    • Remote Support
    • Cisco Phones Support

  • Information Systems (IS)



    • Local, State and Federal Reporting
    • Texas Education Agency (TEA) Records Exchange Services
    • PEIMS Support Services
    • Office of Civil Rights Reporting
    • Average Daily Attendance (ADA)/Registrar Support

    Student Information Systems

    • Skyward Support
    • Skyward Training
    • Master Schedules
    • Grade Reporting
    • Online Registration
    • Crystal Report Services
    • Open Records Requests
    • Family Access

    Application Services 

    • Application Implementation and Project Management
    • Custom Programming and Reporting
    • Datamining (MSSQL, Power BI, and Excel)
    • Second and Third Level Application Support

    Web Services

    • Interal Web Services
    • External Web Services
    • Custom Web Development
    • Web Community Manager (formerly known as Schoolwires)
    • SharePoint Online

    Application Services

    • Application Implementation and Project Management
    • Custom Programming and Reporting
    • Datamining & Dashboards (MSSQL, Power BI and Excel)
    • Second and Third Level Application Support

    Business Services

    • Vendor Management
    • Contract Management
    • Sourcing Management
    • Grant/Bond/ERate Management
    • Operation Expenses Management
    • Asset Management
    • Disaster Recovery Processes SIS Programming

    Integration Architect

    • SQL Database Administration
    • Database Design
    • Database Tuning
    • Data Extraction, Encryption and Transmission
    • Data Analysis
    • Process Automation
    • Business Process Analysis

    Data Integration

    • Data Warehousing
    • Businesss-to-business Integration and Data Exchange
    • Unified Data Managemnt (UDM)
    • Bulk Data Transfer
    • Online Resources and TextBooks - User Account and Roster Provisioning

    Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Application Services

    • PeopleSoft Human Capital Management
    • PeopleSoft Financials (FSC)
    • PeopleSoft Portal (to be decommissioned in February 2019)
    • PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management (to be decommissioned in February 2019)
    • PeopleSoft Database Security Support
    • PeopleSoft Security
    • PeopleSoft FSC Training