• Welcome to the Teacher Center Makerspace!


  • The Teacher Center is currently closed until further notice.

    During the time that Fort Bend ISD has suspended normal operations, the Teacher Center will remain closed.

    The Teacher Center will resume normal operating hours when the District allows facilities to re-open for services.

    questions??  Email staff at DLTEACHERCENTER@FORTBENDISD.COM

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Teacher Center Makerspace FAQ

  • The Teacher Center is a make-and-take resource center for creating classroom materials to support curricular needs. Users create, invent and learn using specialized software, craft and hardware supplies, tools and more. A variety of resources, services, and equipment is available for use by teachers and parent volunteers (VIPS).

    Typical Teacher Center Hours during the school year:

    • Monday:  8:30am - 4:30pm
    • Tuesday - Friday:  8:30am - 6:30pm
    • Saturday:  9:00am - 4:00pm
    Please note:   For safety and security reasons, children ages infancy through grade 12 are not allowed in the Teacher Center and cannot be left unattended on the grounds of or in the Administration Annex Building.

     Equipment, Services and Resources Available:

    •  Die-Cuts - Small, large, extra-large, tiny and double-cut die-cut designs are available for use. Construction paper is provided in a variety of colors for die-cut usage. Craft idea videos are available for previewing.
    • Art Wax Machine - Places a thin layer of wax on the back of your item so that it will adhere to the wall or bulletin board without tape or staples.
    • Binding Machine - Front/back covers and spirals will be provided.
    • Button Machine - Used for motivational and incentive purposes. A variety of colored paper and patterns are provided for button designs. 
    • Computers - Several computers are available for use in the Center. Computers may be used to create and print one master for your classroom set, limited to 10 masters per day. Color printing is limited to banners, buttons, Boardmaker, and posters only. All other color printing must be completed on FBISD campus.
    • Copier - Limited copying provided by Teacher Center staff is available.  Classroom sets of materials should be duplicated on FBISD campus.
    • Cardstock - Cardstock can be used to create word wall elements, center activities, journal covers, and resources for games and centers.
    • Laminating - Items created at the Teacher Center can be laminated only during the same visit. Only materials created in the Teacher Center can be laminated.
    • Lettering Tape - Used for heading or sub-headings on poster paper, poster board, etc. 
    • Opaque/Overhead Projector - Used to enlarge patterns for your classroom displays and bulletin boards. 
    • Poster Machines - Two types of poster machines are available - single color and multi-color. 
    • Supplies - Teacher Center supplies and materials include construction paper, butcher paper, poster board, transparencies, markers, glue, scissors, and specialty items. All materials and other supplies are to be used while in the Teacher Center to create projects.
    The Copyright Law of the United States (TITLE 17 of the United States Code) governs the duplication and reproduction of copyrighted materials.  All materials duplicated and computer software used in the Teacher Center must comply with copyright laws of the United States. All users of the Teacher Center must comply with the established district guidelines for computer use.