Colonel Ronald A. Bacon

                                                                                                                      Colonel Ronald A. Bacon

    I am the Senior Army Instructor for the Hightower JROTC Program. I have been teaching JROTC for 8 years. I served 31 years in the US Army holding many positions. I also worked at the 24th Infantry Division Headquarters. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Health and Physical Education from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a minor in Coaching and Military Science and was commisioned as a distinquished Military Graduate. In addition, I graduated from the Command and General Staff College at the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

    Phone: (281) 327-2210

    Email: ronald.bacon@fortbendisd.com

    Degrees and Certifications:
    Bachelor of Science, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
    JROTC Instructor Certified
    National Rifle Marksmanship Certification & NEFE Qualified


    Teacher Schedule

    Period 1: Conference 
    Period 2: JROTC LET 3/LET 4
    Period 3: No Students Assigned
    Period 4: JROTC LET 2
    Period 5: JROTC LET 3
    Period 6: JROTC LET 2/LET 3
    Period 7: JROTC Admin

    Teacher Tutorial Schedule

    Tutorial Schedule as Needed