Summer Testing

  • Eligibility - Newly Enrolled and Private/Home school Students

    • Fort Bend ISD students who enrolled after the closing of the Spring Nomination Window (after March 1, 2019 and prior to May 25, 2019). 
    • Private/ Home school students enrolling for the 2019-2020 school year


    • Nominations will be available online beginning July 8, 2019.
    • To submit a nomination, the parent/guardian must use the online GT nomination form. Click here to submit a nomination. 
    • Forms should be submitted online by the July 19, 2019 deadline. No exceptions.
    • Parent/Guardian must consent to have the student tested, if a staff member nominates the student. 
    • Students must be enrolled in FBISD and in grades 1- 12.

    Assessment / Testing

    • The cognitive abilities test used is the CogAT 7. 
    • The test will be administered on August 3, 2019.
    • Parents are asked to complete a Home Rating Scale provided by the GT department on August 3, 2019


    • Test scores and rating scale scores are plotted on the Gifted and Talented Identification Profile. 
    • The Campus Selection Committee convenes to make identification decisions
    • Students who are identified typically meet the following criteria:
      • Rating scales do not keep students from being identified
      • Non-Verbal test score in gifted/high ability range AND;
      • Verbal OR Quantitative score in gifted/high ability range
      • Rating scales serve the purpose of providing additional information for students with at least one test score in range.
    • All members of the Campus Selection Committee have been trained in gifted education and specifically in identifying students needs for the education services provided by the FBISD GT Program.
    • Students are identified for services in specific content areas.


    • Parents are notified in writing of the Campus Selection Committee's decision
    • Notification letters will be sent home no later than the first week of school.
    • Parents are advised of their right to appeal


    • Parents must appeal using the appeal application within ten school days as indicated on the notification letter
    • The Campus Appeals Committee responds with their decision in writing within ten school days of the meeting