• PE Attire Policy

    Students must wear shoes to PE that follow ALL of the following criteria:
    1.  Tie or strap on tight around the ankle
    2.  Covers the foot
    3.  Has good grip on the sole
    This will help prevent injury and allow for safe and active participation in our class activities.  If a student, does not have the correct shoes for PE, they must watch from the sidelines, which leads to a lower grade for the marking period due to lack of participation. 
    Below are some examples of shoes students CAN wear to PE.
    skech657763_41827_jb          converse-all-star-ox-boys-toddler          good_running_shoes           http://www.sportsmanswarehouse.co.za/images/product/1081974.jpg
    Girls may wear skirts to PE, as long as they wear shorts underneath.
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