German I

  • Welcome to German I!  This course provides an introduction to the German language and to the culture of the German-speaking countries via five thematic units:  1) Getting to Know You, 2) Friends and Family, 3) A Typical Teenage Life, 4) Where Does My Money Go? and 5) Vacation Time.  We will use a wide variety of learning experiences to learn how to communicate about these topics, including authentic reading, listening, and viewing materials.  Students learn grammar structures and vocabulary in order to facilitate communication.

    Students are required to keep a binder and to complete an “Additional Project” from a list of suggestions each grading period.

    There are six types of major assessments, several of which may sometimes be combined to create an integrated assessment:  interpersonal speaking, interpersonal writing, interpretive reading, interpretive listening/viewing, presentational speaking, and presentational writing.  Each mode of assessment (interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational) should be used at least once each grading cycle.  Daily grades are for classwork, homework, occasional quick oral assessments, vocabulary and grammar quizzes, the binder, and the Additional Projects.