Guidelines for Online Postings

  • Submission Procedures

    If you would like something posted on the website, please email Yvonne Shelby with the following items:

    1. Your Club/Organization/Event Name
    2. A Blurb (What, when, where, why, & how are good questions to answer)
    3. Optional: Flyer*

    Flyer Guidelines

    All digital flyers must be ADA-compliant.

    • Do not save flyers as a photo: The written information on the flyer does not allow screenreaders to read the information.
    • No scanned documents: Screenreaders see scanned documents like a photo.
    • To check ADA-compliance: Save the flyer as a PDF. If you can highlight the letters with your cursor, it's ADA-compliant!
    • If your flyer is NOT ADA-compliant and you're not sure how to fix it, please submit an exact transcript of what the flyer says, so it can be copied/pasted to the post.

    Link Guidelines

    • Links, not QR Codes: QR codes are wonderful-- for print or projecting. The QR code can stay on the flyer, but please provide a direct link, as well.
    • Link rules:
      • Give the link a title, not "Click Here"
      • Give the link a title, not ""