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    High School

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    Hakim Mohammed is a senior at Clements High School. He is the co-president of MSA at Clements and participates in a number of other organizations at Clements. He was mentored at Skin Cancer Specialists by Dr. Fakhouri. During the mentorship, he witnessed Dr. Fakhouri performing patient evaluations and Mohs surgery at the practice. He also learned the workings of a busy outpatient clinic and received some first-hand experience on what it means to be a dermatologist. Hakim intends to major in biology in college and then go on to attend medical school in the future.  

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    Dr. Tarek Fakhouri


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    Project Abstract


    With the onset of the COVID-19 virus, and the entire world being sent into lockdown, safety measures for those who had to interact and go into the public included extra sanitation, social distancing, and masks. Continuous wear of the mask that comes in close contact with the face has been thought to correlate to higher rates of acne on the face, dubbed “Maskne”. Types of facial skin conditions observed include acne mechanica, acne caused by pressure and friction on the skin, and rosacea, redness, and pus-filled bumps on the face [1]. Because the use of masks during this pandemic is essential to decreasing and eventually eliminating cases of COVID-19 worldwide, current trends and correlations between mask use and developing skin conditions will be observed in the project, as well as functional ways to decrease the chances of developing these conditions without compromising the usage of masks entirely.