Social Emotional Supports

  • The social and emotional wellbeing of our students and families is at the forefront as we reimagine school for the 2020-21 school year and beyond. A variety of social emotional supports are available to ensure students return to a supportive and responsive environment that facilitates effective learning. 

    • Stress Relief Toolkit – Visit the Stress Relief Toolkit for structured protocols for managing stress. This toolkit focuses on the whole person through mindful tactics. It promotes a more relaxed, comfortable state of being. It includes stress relief activities, breathing/stress relief cards, guided meditation, mindfulness activities, setting expectations, and a poster for the home or workplace. It provides many fun activities to incorporate into daily learning. 
    • Clearhope Counseling & Wellness Center – Clearhope is another mental health partner working at campuses that provides expert mental health services conducted by fully licensed LPCs, LMFTs, and LCSWs. Clearhope accepts all major insurances, including UnitedHealthcare, Medicaid and Medicare (normal co-pays apply) and has teletherapy options during this COVID-19 event. Some may qualify for services at little to no cost. Clearhope has offices in Pasadena, Sugar Land, and Summerwood (Fall 2020). To make an appointment and/or learn more about the Clearhope team visit their website at 
    • Students can access online mental health services through their school counselors and mental health counselors. School counselors are the first line of support for our students. District therapists and mental health professionals are also available for students and families.  
    • Additional support is provided to students served under Special Education Services through licensed professional counselors and/or school psychologists based on students’ individual ARD determinations. 
    • School counselors, social workers, and mental health counselors will provide monthly parent training to support families and their students on issues related to COVID-19, anxiety and mental health. 
    • For additional details, visit the FBISD Social Emotional Supports page.