In It Together: Role of Students, Parents and Teachers 

  • We’re all in this together as we partner to reimagine school for our students. When families engage in online learning, the following commitments by students, parents/guardians, and teachers are necessary for student success in the online environment.  

    Student Commitments 

    Students engaged in online learning will:   

    • Engage daily in synchronous and asynchronous learning activities including but not limited to, logging into Schoology daily for coursework and attending all synchronous class sessions  
    • Monitor their own progress, with the support of teachers, and meet deadlines  
    • Submit their own, original work and sign the Academic Integrity Agreement  
    • Proactively seek out assistance from teachers or other staff when encountering difficulties   
    • Display Digital Citizenship in all activities, assignments, and interactions  
    • Take care of technology equipment in order to engage in online learning   
    • Follow the guidelines outlined in the FBISD Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and FBISD Student Code of Conduct  

    Parent/Guardian Commitments 

    Parents/guardians of FBISD students engaged in online learning will:   

    • Set up a schedule and ensure a learning environment exists for the student that is conducive to full engagement in synchronous and asynchronous learning with few distractions   
    • Ensure their student attends the synchronous class sessions and completes asynchronous learning which includes logging into Schoology daily   
    • Regularly monitor student progress using Schoology and Family Access and communicate with campus staff to support student engagement and progress 
    • Provide each student in the home access to a dedicated technology device and internet access or obtain the necessary technology devices through the FBISD technology distribution process   
    • Understand that the FBISD Student Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) remain in effect in the online learning environment and that students are subject to consequences outlined in the Code of Conduct  

    Teacher Commitments 

    Teachers providing online learning will: 

    • Provide synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities daily for students according the designed schedule  
    • Participate in PLCs to plan instruction, design assessments, analyze student work, and engage in professional learning  
    • Develop rich learning experiences aligned to the framework, the FBISD curriculum, and the TEKS  
    • Provide specific and timely feedback to students  
    • Develop assessments that measure student understanding through authentic work  
    • Utilize the Learning Management System and district supported resources and digital tools to provide instruction to students  
    • Build a classroom community of learners in the online environment through intentional social   emotional supports and engaging lessons that promote collaboration and peer communication  
    • Implement systems of consistent communication with students and parents to ensure student success in the online environment