• All teachers will be provided a healthy, safe no contact work environment to deliver instruction
      • FBISD will provide assistance with childcare and online learning support
    • The District prefers that teachers teach from the provided work space, but it is not required while Fort Bend County is on Red alert
      • The District will publish expectations for teachers choosing to work from home, which will be monitored by campus leadership – focus will be on equitable learning experiences for all students
      • Student schedules for synchronous learning have been coordinated and will ensure appropriate embedded time for performing professional responsibilities
    • When conditions improve all teachers will be expected to return to the workplace on a full-time basis
      • Exceptions allowed based on documented health risks
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  • Professional Learning Models

    Professional Learning Models

    Required Professional Learning

    • 14 hours (2 contract days)
    • Evidence of Practice Model
    • All teachers

    Campus PD Week

    • 6 days prior to school starting
    • New model
    • Aligned to Leading Improvement Framework
    • Aligned to Evidence of Practice

    Job Embedded Learning

    • School Calendar Days (January, February and April)
    • Teacher Leader Cadres
    • Progression of Practice


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  • Continuous Improvement and Embedded Professional Development  

    The move to online instruction last year came at a rapid pace, and we recognize that many staff members may have felt ill-equipped to tackle the change. This year, we will ensure that all teachers have consistent, embedded professional development during the year, so that they are prepared for any scenario. The expectation is that there will be daily and weekly training so that teachers are constantly being given the tools they need to support students. Topics to be covered include:

    • Balanced, Unbiased curriculum delivery
    • Building Classroom Culture (SEL)
    • Health, Safety, and Wellness
    • Instructional Expectations
    • PLCS: Unit, Concept and Lesson Design

    Campus Daily Professional Development

    Campus Daily Professional Development

    Setting Expectations - 2-3 Hours Daily - Principal Facilitated

    The Setting Expectations sessions are designed to build capacity in teachers to implement the Learning Framework and allow campus administrators to define and communicate clear expectations.

    Technical Skills & Demonstration - 1-2 Hours Daily - Open Lab Supports

    The Technical Skills & Demonstration sessions will equip teachers with streamlined tools that promote consistency and enhance the online learning experience through facilitation of student collaboration, feedback, and ownership of learning.

    Professional Learning Communities - 1-2 Hours Daily - Team Facilitated

    PLCs provide a dedicated time for teacher teams to engage and collaborate to plan instruction, develop virtual materials, and set up communication and Schoology course organization systems.



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