• Senior Naviance "How To"


    Naviance Login Instructions:

    Go to the FBISD Homepage
    Select the tab that says, students
    On the left side, click Naviance Student Login
    Select WillowridgeHS
    You will be re-routed to the Naviance Login Page
    Students use their FBISD user name and password to log in

    Note: Students view the homepage as most of the information in this packet is also located within Naviance

    Colleges I’m Applying To List

    The Colleges I’m Applying To List is only for those schools that you are working on applications for; if you are still undecided leave the school in your Colleges I’m Thinking About List.

    1)     Apply and submit your application to the school.  Do this through the school’s preferred application method: Apply Texas or Common App

    2)     Login to Naviance – Family Connection

    3)     Go to your Colleges I’m Applying To list

    4)     Add the school to your Colleges I’m Applying To list

    1.      If you have not added the school to your list yet click +add to this list and add your school
    2.      If the school is in your Colleges I’m Thinking About list, select the school, and click Move to Application List.

    5)     From your Colleges I’m Applying To list click on the pencil icon to edit applications. Info needed:

    Application submitted

    Click the box to indicate that you have submitted your application

    App Type

    Select what type of application you are completing (Regular, Rolling, Early Action etc.) – this is VERY important because it will determine the deadline.

    Click Update Application

    Requesting College Transcripts

    1)     Go to your Colleges I’m Applying To list

    2)     Click on request transcripts

    3)     Click the box add request for those schools that you have submitted an application to

    4)     Click Request Transcripts

    Matching Common Application Account

    If you are applying to a school using the Common Application you MUST match your Naviance Account with your Common App Account first. (Video tutorial: https://vimeo.com/102639828)

    1)     Go to www.commonapp.org and log in to your Common App account 

    2)     The email that you use must be the same email in both Common App and Naviance

    3)     Complete the current or most recent school segment of the Education section under the Common App  Tab

    4)     Add at least one college to your My Colleges list under the My Colleges Tab. You can search for schools under the College Search Tab

    5)     Read and sign the FERPA Release Authorization under the My Colleges Tab

    6)     Log into Naviance

    7)     Click the Colleges tab find the Common App Account Match and enter your email and date of birth and click match

    8)     Review your College’s I’m Applying to List and check under the Applying via Common App column.  This is where you indicate if you are using the Common App for that school.

    If you see Unknown, click the Unknown link and update the status to yes or no using the drop-down menu.  This is VERY important – if the counselors do not know if you used the Common App for that school then they do not know how to send your documents.

    Teacher and Counselor Letters of Recommendation

    Before you request a letter in Naviance do the following:

    1)       Ask your teacher and/or counselor in person

    **This is essential! Asking for a letter of recommendation is a request and it is important to make personal contact with the person so they can ask you any questions that they may have.

    **NOTE: if you are applying to any schools using the Common App you MUST have a counselor letter of recommendation. You need to ask in person or by email.

    2)       Complete your Resume in Naviance. 

    You MUST provide your recommender with a resume.

    3)       Check the Submission type for the school you are requesting a letter for

     This icon represents schools that only accept documents submitted via mail. You will need to provide the teacher/counselor with a stamped envelope addressed to the admissions office of the school.   

     This icon represents electronic destinations that accept documents electronically via Naviance. Once you have requested the letter in Naviance the teacher/counselor will be able to send the letter electronically.

     This icon represents Common App destinations that accept documents electronically via Naviance. Once you have requested the letter in Naviance the teacher/counselor will be able to send the letter electronically.

    This icon is displayed when a student has selected a Common App college and has indicated that he or she is not applying via the Common App Online. However, this school still accepts electronic submissions so your teacher/counselor will be able to send the letter electronically.


    Requesting a letter in Naviance:

    1)     Go to your Colleges I’m Applying to  page

    2)     Under Teacher Recommendations click add/cancel requests

    3)     From the dropdown menu select your teacher

    **NOTE: All Common Application schools require a counselor letter of recommendation.  You MUST select your counselor if you are applying to any schools via the Common App.

    4)     In the Personal note to the teacher explain the following:

    1.      What school(s) this is for
    2.      List the deadline for each school
    3.      If any of the schools have the  postage stamp icon tell them you will provide an envelope for them
    4.      Say thank you!

    **NOTE: Send counselors an e-mail with the information above. Do not request them to upload in Naviance. 
    IMPORTANT: Repeat this process if you add any additional schools. Do not expect teachers or counselors to know. You need to let them know you have added an additional school and need a letter.