• Parent At-Home Supports

    Fort Bend ISD At-Home Learning provides experiences that may include technology or are device-free. Parents can support at-home learning by following these recommendations:

    Help your child access the learning experiences for their grade level/content area. Use the Grade Level Learning link to access grade level/content area resources.

    Engage your child by asking him/her questions about their learning and listen to what they have to say. For example,

    • Tell me what you are learning today in ….
    • What is important about that? Why?
    • How does that connect to something else you are learning (or life)?

    Create balance during the day by including learning, free-time, playtime, and other activities. Routines will help provide support during this time.


    Social & Emotional Support

    Please be sure to check the district's Behavioral Health & Wellness site for support related to Covid-19.

    Teacher Talks

    Hear from our teachers about ways to support your student during this time.


    Grade Level Learning

    Fort Bend ISD At-Home Learning resources have been curated to encourage creativity and enrichment as staff prepare to launch online learning. These activities and resources are designed to support students while school operations are impacted by the current circumstances.


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