Mr. Kevin Lin

Phone: 281-329-2061


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Biology Teacher Certification in Science 7-12

Mr. Kevin Lin

Greetings! I teach both Aquatic Science and Biology. The 19-20 school year will mark my second semester at Clements High School. I've been a part of Fort Bend's school system since I was in Kindergarten. A former Clements Ranger! I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. I'm the new sponsor of our Red Cross organization. Visit our website for volunteer opportunities and more!


I believe all individuals can achieve great things if they choose to apply themselves. Some students may need a bit more time and practice to do so. As such, my afternoons are always open for tutorials. Don't give up when you're stuck, let's work on it together!

Tutorial Schedule

  •                                                   X = Duty times          Feel free to enter if I'm inside!          Do NOT bring food during lunch!

Teacher Schedule

  • Period 1: Aquatic Science

    Period 2: Aquatic Science

    Period 3: Aquatic Science

    Period 4: Conference

    Period 5: Biology

    Period 6: Biology

    Period 7: Biology


    Period 1: KM52-SXVK-3DGJQ

    Period 2: D3PX-XMBF-XJS3V 

    Period 3: ZCRT-QTX8-HNPS5


    Period 5: WJZ3-87CG-CQH7R

    Period 6: VSX2-RKVK-52GJM 

    Period 7: ZHD5-NPBV-K8ND4