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Ms. Mamisi Gordon

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Through life experiences, higher education, and international travels from Europe to Africa, I plan to implement a higher level of thinking to broaden my students' worldview beyond the normal classroom setting. Furthermore, my teaching philosophy stems from Cognitive Psychology, and Mindfulness. I believe students need to understand how their brains learn, they need to be motivated and happy, and they need to feel safe and loved in a classroom setting. Equally important, I teach mindful breathing techniques to students that will help decrease the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and anger management prior to every lesson. Overall, I am extremely overjoyed to be teaching your child Social Studies at Christa McAuliffe Middle School. 


Mamisi Gordon


Conference Hours: 12:38 PM -  1:28 PM   


Tutoring: Tuesdays from 4:20 PM - 5:20 PM       


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Phone number:  281.634.3360   



University of Houston, Houston, Texas— B.A. Psychology 

University of Houston, Houston, Texas— B.A. Africana Studies 




European History |Culture

Pompeii, Italy 2012 

Naples, Italy 2012 

Tuscany, Italy 2012 

The Vatican, Italy 2012 


Ghanaian Civilization |

Accra, Ghana 2017 

Cape Coast, Ghana 2017 


African History | Religion Food and Culture 

Kumasi, Ghana 2019 

Slave Coast, Ghana 2019 (Year of the Return 400 yrs)


Independent Research| African Diaspora

Costa Rica, 2014 

St. Ann, Jamaica, 2015 

United Kingdom, 2015 

Paris, France, 2015 

Istanbul, Turkey 2015