Degrees and Certifications:

Rodney Ashton


I am Rodney Ashton, currently this is my 10th year in education 2 years of inclusion support and 7 years experience in behavorial support support services. I graduated in 2004 from College of Biblical studies Houston, Tx. with a degree in Biblical Counseling. I then received an alternative teaching certificate from Texas Teachers in 2005,  University of St. Thomas Houston, Tx. in 2013 with a Master's degree in Instructional Leadership. Each day that I am able to impact your child in a positive manner and see results behaviorally and academically, I am fulfilled spiritually. I believe that all students are reachable and can be teachable.

  • Monday, Thursday, and Friday Schedule 

    1st Period- BSS Social Skills 8:55- 9:53

    2nd Period- BSS ELA 9:56-10:53

    Lunch- 11:05-11:35

    3rd Period- BSS Math 11:40- 12:35

    4th Period- BSS Social Studies 12:38-1:28

    5th Period- P.E 1:31- 2:23

    6h Period- Theatre 2:26- 3:16 (my conference time)

    7th Period- BSS Science 3:19- 4:10 

    Tuesday and Wednesday Schedule

    1st Period- BSS Social skills 8:55- 9:43

    2nd Period- BSS ELA 9:46-10:43

    Advisory- 10:46-11:21

    Lunch- 11:30-12:00

    3rd Period- BSS Math 12:05- 12:55

    4th Period- BSS Social Studies 12:58-1:43

    5th Period- P.E 1:46- 2:31

    6th Period- Theatre 2:34- 3:19 (my conference Period)

    7th Period- BSS Science 3:22- 4:10