• Collaborative Communities

    Our Mission - Volunteer & Partnership programs will support and foster community partnerships that enrich student learning and success.

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    You can make a difference one child at a time!

    Business & Community Partners

    Get involved and become a partner today!

    Middle School Career Day

    Eighth grade career exploration program.

    Classroom Speaker or Events Judge

    Share your knowledge and talents with FBISD students

    Campus Based Leadership Team

    Serve as a member

    Shared Dreams

    Volunteer and partner with the Shared Dreams Program.


    Volunteer Criminal History Application

    (Must be resubmitted annually, after July 1)

    Applies to (but not limited to)…

    • parent & community volunteers
    • field trips, class parties, chaperones, ProGrad
    • mentors/tutors
    • Shared Dreams volunteers
    • PTO/PTA Executive Board, Booster Club members
    • Junior Achievement

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