Action Research

The FBISD Best Practices Action Research Program is initiated with the intention of developing and promoting teachers, specialists and administrators’ best practices. Every day, FBISD staff engages in practices that we believe improve student learning and achievement. This program aims to tap into the knowledge, experience and energy behind these best practices and allow teachers, specialists, or administrators to investigate and record their own practices in a more in-depth and systematic way. The ultimate goals of this program are to disseminate best practices and to enable and empower FBISD staff through this alternative form of professional development.

What is Action Research?

Action Research (AR) is a process in which participants examine their own educational practices systematically and carefully using the techniques of research. Action Research involves educational practitioners in collecting and analyzing data for their own reflection and improvement. You determine your own topic when you apply.

Why do I want to conduct action research?

Action Research allows you, the teacher, specialist and/or administrator, an opportunity to systematically examine your own practices. The findings resulting from the investigation will be immediately useful to you and/or other peers around you.

When can I conduct action research?

You should conduct action research during your regular day-to-day instructional time. The practice can be one which you are currently engaged in or intend to start soon. Either way, the action research project should be one that incurs no additional instructional burden. Where can I conduct action research? Right where you are working day-to-day! Your own classroom or campus is where the action research should take place!

Who can I conduct action research with/on?

You can work alone, work in teams, or find a research “buddy” to plan and work on the project together. The action research projects should be aimed at improving student achievement and professional practices.

How can I conduct an action research?

Start by filling out the action research proposal form. You will need to define the student population, student achievement data, and professional practices in your project. You will also need to determine how and when to collect your data.

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